Attack of the Pod People

We’re in our first full week in our new modular village and so I think it is time we really make it into a home for ourselves and for our students.  To help “get us settled” I’ve decided to stoke a little inter-building rivalry with the other buildings on our campus.  Credit for this idea really belongs to Mike Murray and he and I collaborated to create a series of posters extolling the virtues of Building Four.  A sampling can be seen below:


We took some liberties with some unsuspecting celebrities and historical figures in order to create a list of quotes befitting the education being imparted by the outstanding teachers and staff in Building Four.  Then we matched the quotes to some high-resolution source images.  My mom would be proud, all of the images carried a Creative Commons License or were in the public domain.  Another sampling:


I’m even pretty partial to some of the ones we left on the cutting room floor:


Well, the challenge has been made so we’ll see what the other buildings have to offer.  Especially Building Three – they have the art department!


One response to “Attack of the Pod People

  1. Do you have the template for these? I would love to use them in my school and change it to my classroom information.

    AMAZING resources on this website, I am an 8th grade teacher but feel like I’ve hit the gold mine with your site of resources, so thank you for sharing your ideas!

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