Qin and Han Dynasty Podcast

This podcast focuses on the history of the Qin Dynasty and the Han Dynasty in China. Topics discussed include legalism, the Silk Road, and Chinese inventions. You can visit my YouTube Channel and view all of my videos by clicking here.  For school districts in which YouTube us blocked, you can also find my videos posted on Vimeo.

5 responses to “Qin and Han Dynasty Podcast

  1. I love your podcasts! Thank you! I have started showing them to my class of gifted 1st/2nd graders and they ask for more Mr. Zoller!

  2. I love your podcasts and have used them in my 6th grade social studies class. Would love to learn more about your teaching style.

  3. Good morning! I have been focused on following the flipped model of instruction (in fact I am working on my dissertation on the impact of this model) and I regularly podcast and screencast to deliver content to my 6th graders in Livermore, Ca. Would love a chance to collaborate in some way! Cheers and thank you!

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