Middle Ages Podcasts

In 2008 I was fortunate enough to hear Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams speak at NECC Conference about the video podcasts they had created for their chemistry classes and the work they had done in pioneering the flipped classroom model.  They inspired me to take on the challenge of developing quality videos covering social studies topics. Some of the first podcasts I produced covered topics from the Middle Ages:

  • Manorialism – this podcast focused on the economic system of manorialism which existed in feudal Europe.  Manorialism is a system of self-sufficient farming estates.
  • Medieval Church – this podcast discusses the structure of the Medieval Christian Church.
  • Magna Carta – this podcast explores both the origin as well as the impact of the Magna Carta.
  • Revival of Trade – this podcasts describes some of the factors that led to increased economic activity in the later Middle Ages.  Some of these factors include the Crusades as well as the growth of trade organizations like the Hanseatic League.
  • Guilds – this podcast describes the system of guilds that developed in the Middle Ages.

You can visit my YouTube Channel and view all of my videos by clicking here.  For school districts in which YouTube us blocked, you can also find my videos posted on Vimeo.


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